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Working Towards a Brighter Future for American children.

In Search of Timothy@ToHonorGod we’re promoting initiatives to raise awareness and funds to serve the children who need them most in Western PA, starting in Beaver County. 

We are taking action with urgency in order to raise public awareness about one of the most pressing issues facing our children's future.


Funds will be used for FOIA requests to uncover information about who is really supplying your child's "education."  We are in the process of choosing a board. Please join us as we grow. More information will be forthcoming.

Please read/watch the videos to get an idea of what we are up against. 

WE AIM TO PREVENT COMMON CORE FROM BEING OFFICIALLY ADOPTED IN PENNSYLVANIA, and therefore losing ALL local/parental control forever. 

Thank you for your time and your concern for our children.

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High Fives


In Search of Timothy@ToHonorGod knows that our strength lies not only in the words we stand by, but most importantly through the actions of our initiatives. We have come to realize that by working together we could overcome the threat that Common Core is to our children and to their future as Americans.  They ARE the future America, and our continued existence as the most free nation in history is IN THEIR HANDS. 

ARE THEY READY?  DO THEY KNOW THEIR RESPONSIBILITIES AND HOW TO DECIDE THEIR FUTURE?  Common Core will teach them to hate America and to vote their rights away. 

We decided to launch In Search of Timothy@ToHonorGod to prevent this from happening.  To overhaul American education and give control back to the PARENTS, who are our children's ONLY true advocates.   

We also seek to answer WHY

Why is our government trying to brainwash and indoctrinate the next generation? 

What is their end game?  

Who are they working with and 

What are they working toward? 

We can and will answer all these questions.  God Bless. 

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Nurse Talking to Patient

We plan to create a Non Profit.

We will raise funds to solicit help from organizations committed to ending Common Core.

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Common Core Data Mining and How to Protect Your Child

The Case Against Common Core

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Kids Staring at Candles Glow

And The Serpent Smiled

Bright young saints pour in through doors,

Eagerly filling desks and chairs.

Busily preparing books, paper and chores,

They pause as all heads bow together in prayers.

Children gathered together in His name

To give the Lord Glory, Honor and Fame,

And the future to proclaim.

   And Jesus smiled.

                                  So the day begins …

Slowly, quietly, as time goes by ….

“In the interest of fairness,” false prophets lie;

A moment of silence replaces prayer,

And soon, nothing at all.  Dead air.

Suffer not young children to Jesus anymore,

Young saints are worn down as never before.

The daily sacrifice has been removed,

And Lo!  A statue of Zeus stands there!

And Jesus cried.

                                   So the day goes on …

No longer restrained, the serpent slithers in among the chairs,

Smiling at the unprotected children sitting there.

Softly, Sweetly Whispering he sings ….

You will not soar on eagles’ wings.

Instead you’ll learn of evil things.

Babylon, O Babylon, looms so near!

But children, you have naught to fear;

For all that matters is you, and here.

Forget the wars your fathers fought.

Gratitude is no longer taught.

Instead, on teachers’ desks a big red apple shines;

Mesmerizing, erasing from young minds,

God’s precious, wondrous promises of yore.

The bell rings, and the loving Father long forgotten,

Young saints are gone as orphans now pour out the door.

So the day ends.

    And the Serpent smiled.

Copyright Aug 14th 2007

Prayer had united us in a common bond, a common heritage and purpose, regardless of whether we were native born or newly immigrated. 

Silence divided us and set us adrift;  separate and directionless. 

Prayer made us feel loved and important.

Silence made us fell insignificant and alone. 

These are the memories of a young girl who still remembers when prayers started the day in public schools ...

And who also remembers the deafening, lonely, awkward "Moment of Silence" the day prayer was taken away. 

Whatever happened to true Religious Freedom in these United States? 

Wasn't that the reason so many came to this country in the first place? 

Wasn't it? 

May God Bless the Children of America

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