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Turning Interest Into Action

No one as of yet as combined our common core educational crisis with a unified political action. In Search of Timothy@ToHonorGod endeavors to get the word out, alert parents to what their children are being exposed to in public school, and to provide a unified resource page to combat this evil.  Our site emerged out of a pursuit to inspire and support parents and the community to get involved and SAVE OUR CHILDREN.  The proverbial "Hand that rocks the cradle " of education will produce the next generation of Americans.  Will your children be able to carry on and protect their God given freedoms in this last, great bastion of freedom? America is the last hope of the world.  Where we go, so goes the rest of the world.   We cannot allow the globalists to steal our children's future.  Once gone, it is

GONE FOREVER.  Please read and watch the videos.  And Please contact us to learn more and get involved.  The very future of America, the world and all our children depend upon the action you take TODAY.  God Bless

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